About us


Our Family (minus the dogs)


Both my husband and I grew up with dogs, so we knew we wanted our kids to have them also. Owning a dog teaches responsibility and provides love and an eternal bond with children and adults.  We got our first dog, Toby, a miniture pomeranian when our oldest sone was 1.  We lived in a small apartment that allowed small animals even though Toby thought he was a large Rottweiler!  When we bought our first home we bought an Alaskan Malamute.  My husband grew up with them and REALLY wanted one.  Despite that the kids wanted to call him Fluffy, I convinced them Nanook was a great name.  He is such a great dog and really good with our kids. Nanook and Toby loved playing with each other for years. Sadly Toby passed away at 12 years old from heart failure.

Years ago our property got annexed into the city limits.  With our community growing and higher traffic we wanted to have more security at home. My brother, who has Dobermans told me i needed to get one.  He said, “They are great family dogs and really good with kids…. You don’t need to train them to be protective because it’s what they were bred to be.”  I was terrified of them, growing up watching Magnum PI and other shows that had Dobermans as the scary attack dog did not sit well with me as the “great family dog… good with kids” type.  After much research on different breeds I came to the conclusion that Dobermans can’t be as bad as I thought they were.

After having multiple Dobermans, LOVING them, and seeing so many with smashed faces, and long skinny bean pole legs. I came to the decision that I am going to get into breeding! But if I am going to breed, I am going to breed the European Doberman.

Dobermans make exceptional guard dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, guide dogs, and search and rescue dogs.  All of which equals, in my eyes, makes an extremely exceptional family dog!!! They are not suited nor bred to be kennel dogs or isolated outside. They need daily family/owner contact and affection.  That is why they are nicknamed “velcro dogs”.  Dobermans were bred to be fierce looking, square/block face, strong muscular legs and instinctively protective when needed to be.

I believe European standards are inline with the true Doberman standard that Friedrich Louis Dobermann envisioned and created in the late 1800’s. Therefore, I will be striving to breed within the European standard.